Look deep into nature, and then You will understand everything better! /Albert Einstein/

Embassy of nature offers both individual and group classes and events.

      Embassy in Riga offers 1 hour-long set of individual creative activities that are based on Nature environment aesthetics. They are created so both kids and adults would have fun and enjoy them. Visitors will relax and enjoy impulses of nature through activities in Warm Sand Box™ as well as colorful sand and colorful grain games.

      For kids and teenagers we also offer group activities and lessons that based in Nature environment aesthetics. Our visitors will discover diversity of the nature through numerous lesson cycles like: Nature rhythms, Nature patterns, Rainbow cycle, Sun track.

World Sand Collection

      Embassy of nature in Riga is proud of its newest offer – World Sand Collection. Samples of various sands from different parts of the world have been collected and gathered in this latest project. Each sample is unique and given to our collection with personal attitude. 

      Visit us and enjoy the excursion in the world of sands and create a personal souvenir for you to take with you. Feel free to contact us and find more about the possibilities to see our collection, find out more about various places and sands that represent them.