To the artist there is never anything ugly in nature!  /Auguste Rodin/


        More than two decades have been spent working towards this idea.

     Research has been carried out in Latvian University and more than 100 other Latvian educational institutions. Since 2008, when first studio "Embassy of nature" was established, scope and depth of research has significantly increased. Nature environment aesthetics has become a versatile set of methods with the theoretical basis and its philosophical base. It is a theory that enables young and adult people to more often be in contact with nature and its limitless and life-giving energy.

       Creative approach towards nature environment scope and unselfish work and research by Diana Timofejeva as well as all the colleagues, teachers and specialists in Latvia has contributed to the development of nature environment aesthetics system. Its theoretical foundation is based on educational research data, long-proven pedagogical approaches and the latest discoveries in science. This idea is alive and continues to grow and develop.

       Nature environment aesthetics basic ideas and original methods have been tested in different levels of education (pre-school, school, university, adult education, special and social pedagogy, etc.).


  • Interaction experience. Direct, many dimensional contacts with nature materials activate the senses; stimulates tiny muscles, thus positively affecting the brain.
  • Experience of creative expressions. The various small jobs and actions and extensive choice of material encourages imagination, and allows each person to realize his very own creative potential.
  • Knowledge experience. Getting to better know nature environment, its aesthetic expressions; legality; structural aspects can maintain child curiosity and increase the motivation.
  • Experience of doing. Practical creation of different compositions, structured works contributes to the development general and special skills.
  • Attitude experience. In deep communication with the nature environment and knowledge gained in the positive atmosphere, develops emotionally appraising experience and helps to build the view to the whole world.
  • Recreation experience. The game dimension of nature aesthetics is designed for usefully spending free time.